Access to
financial data

AHOI connects you as well as your products and services with the banks and Sparkassen to retrieve your customers’ accounts, portfolios and transactions.

Via public and non-public financial interfaces, AHOI can also provide access to data that can add further value for your users.


AHOI currently supports all German banks and Sparkassen that offer FinTS with PIN and TAN.

Using our multi-banking API, you can access the basic financial data of customers of almost all German banks and Sparkassen via public interfaces.

  • Accounts and portfolios
  • Transactions (including history)
  • Transfers
  • Securities holdings


AHOI also provides access to refined data that can add further value for your users, such as reports and forecasts. More on that topic is available here.

  • Income surplus calculation for set periods of time
  • Categories for transactions
  • Identification of regular transactions
  • Order information extracted from transactions
  • Balance forecast based on regular month-end transactions


If required, AHOI stores all this data for you. We can assume control of all your data management.


We are open to your ideas about on using AHOI and will work with you to develop custom solutions in an agile environment. In addition, we are working to be able to provide access to even more data in the future. If you have specific requirements in this regard, feel free to contact us.

Curious? Dive into to the Sandbox!

The AHOI Sandbox is our playground for developers. This is where you can test and evaluate the full range of features in a non-production sandbox system. You don't need your own account for this.

In the Sandbox, only the Sandbank and the demo data will work. You can also have different transaction data generated for your demo accounts.

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